Designing Interactions

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Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers is interviewed in Chapter 7 – The Internet. The design of the homepage for BBCi relates to Google and the websites describes by Mark Podlaseck and Fran Samalionis. Terry Winograd positions websites in relation to other kinds of interaction.

Steve Rogers is head of production for BBC New Media and in 2002 was responsible for leading the team that designed a new homepage for BBCi. As an industrial designer with Philips Electronics, his main task was designing VCRs. This triggered a fascination with user interface design: “When you’ve designed fifty or a hundred video recorders, you realize there’s very little wrong with the way a video recorder looks. There’s one thing wrong with a video recorder: no one can use the thing!” He was able to work on enhancing the interaction by using the TV for displaying control information. His expertise in interaction design gave him the chance to set up the Philips Multi Media Center in California’s Silicon Valley to look at the impact of digital media on product design. At the height of the dot-com boom in 2000, Razorfish offered him the opportunity to lead their product development team with a goal of integrating hardware and software, but the crash came all too soon, and he was only there for one year. When the opportunity to develop BBCi came up, he welcomed it.

Steve describes the BBCi homepage as the browser of the BBC environment, forming an anchor point that is trustworthy and engaging. He talks about the Digital Patina which adapts to the user over time.

Steve at the BBC in London. Photo Author