Designing Interactions

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Gillian Crampton Smith

Gillian Crampton Smith is interviewed in the Foreword – What is Interaction design?. The author addresses this question in Chapter 10 – People and Prototypes, and Bill Verplank answers questions about interaction design in his interview.

Gillian is the leading academic in the kind of interaction design taught at schools of art and design. In 1989 she established the first program in interaction design at the Royal College of Art in London. Now called the Interaction Design Department, this was the first program where graduate designers could learn to apply their skills to interactive products and systems. Under her guidance, the Research Studio achieved an international reputation as a leading center for interaction design. In 2000 she moved to Italy to set up and become Director of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, the first institute devoted exclusively to the study of interaction design.

Gillian discusses the ways in which people adopt technologies, and talks about the growing sophistication in the qualities of interaction design. She talks about what you need to learn to achieve high design standards, and identifies the dimensions of interaction design languages.

Gillian talking about designing systems. Photo Ivan Gasparini