Designing Interactions

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David Kelley

David Kelley is interviewed in Chapter 4 – Adopting Technology.His co-teacher for a class in interaction design at Stanford was Terry Winograd. He describes the changes in process associated with the adoption of technology explained by David Liddle. At IDEO he has collaborated with the author, Paul Bradley, Dennis Boyle, Mat Hunter, Brendan Boyle and Fran Samalionis.

In 1991 David founded IDEO by combining his engineering and innovation firm, which had offices in Chicago and Boston as well as Palo Alto, with the author’s design firm, with offices in San Francisco and London, and Mike Nuttal’s industrial design firm in Palo Alto. The combination of expertise on both the technical and human side of product development made IDEO immediately successful, and the company grew steadily in both size and influence. David handed the roles of president and CEO to Tim Brown in 2002 and now spends much of his time at Stanford developing the d-School (Hasso Plattner Institute of Design), while staying connected to IDEO as chairman.

David describes developments in interaction design, as we have moved from designing screens and generic input devices to special purpose products with unique interaction approaches, and identifies the new kinds of prototyping that are needed now. He also looks into the future of smart products and sophisticated sensors.

David is in the shop at IDEO. Photo Rod Searcey